How to Watch France vs Namibia RWC 2023 Live Outside UK on ITV [Free Streaming]

To watch the France vs. Namibia RWC 2023 live match outside the UK on ITV for free, you can explore various online streaming options. Several sources provide guidance on accessing Rugby World Cup matches for free streaming. These sources offer insights into how to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy the action from anywhere in the world.

Consider using a VPN service to ensure secure and unrestricted access to ITV’s live stream from outside the UK. A VPN can help you mask your location and access geo-restricted content, ensuring you don’t miss any thrilling moments of the RWC 2023.

How to Watch France vs Namibia RWC 2023 Live Outside UK on ITV? [5 Quick Steps]

Excited to watch France vs Namiba RWC 2023 live outside UK on ITV? Worry not, as we’ve crafted simple steps to transport you to the action, regardless of your location. Follow these 5 Easy Steps to never miss a moment of this captivating sports event.

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark: Sign up for Surfshark, one of the fastest VPNs for live streaming.
  2. Install the App: Download and install the Surfshark app on your Android or iOS device.
  3. Connect to a UK Server: After installation, log in using your credentials and connect to a UK server, preferably in Docklands, to bypass geo-restrictions.
  4. ITV Hub Account: Create a free account on the ITV Hub website or app if you don’t have one.
  5. Search and Enjoy: Once connected to the UK server, search for the event France vs Namiba RWC 2023 live outside UK on ITV and enjoy it.

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Where Can I Watch France vs Namibia RWC 2023 Live Outside UK?

Watch France vs Namibia RWC 2023 live on  ITV as it is completely free. For those outside the UK, all that’s needed is a premium streaming VPN like Surfshark.

ITV offers free live coverage, and Surfshark can help those outside the UK access it effortlessly.

Watcha France vs Namibia (Stade Velodrome, 8pm, ITV4)

Who is in the France Rugby World Cup Squad 2023?

The France Rugby World Cup Squad for 2023 is a closely watched and highly talented team participating in the Rugby World Cup.

France Squad 2023: Thomas Ramos, Damian Penaud, Gael Fickou, Yoram Moefana, Gabin Villiere, Matthieu Jalibert, Antoine Dupont, Gregory Alldritt, Charles Ollivon, Francois Cros, Thibaud Flament, Cameron Woki, Uini Atonio, Julien Marchand, Reda Wardi.

Replacements: Peato Mauvaka, Jean-Baptiste Gros, Dorian Aldegheri, Romain Taofifenua, Paul Boudehent, Maxime Lucu, Arthur Vincent, Melvyn Jaminet.

Who is in the Namibia Rugby World Cup Squad 2023?

Namibia’s Rugby World Cup Squad for 2023 consists of the following players:

Namibia Squad 2023: Divan Rossouw, Gerswin Mouton, Johan Deysel (captain), Danco Burger, JC Greyling, Tiaan Swanepoel; Damian Stevens, Richard Hardwick, Johan Retief, Wian Conradie, Tjiuee Uanivi, Adriaan Ludick, Aranos Coetzee, Torsten van Jaarsveld, Desiderius Sethie.

Replacements: Louis van der Westhuizen, Jason Benade, Casper Viviers, Tiaan de Klerk, Prince Gaoseb, Jacques Theron, Andre van der Berg, Le Roux Malan.

What is the Form for France and Namibia Rugby in 2023?

The form of France and Namibia rugby 2023 teams can be gleaned from various sources. Both teams are part of Pool A in the tournament.

On September 18, 2007, France and Namibia faced off in an intense head-to-head match. The final score reflected a close competition, with France securing a victory with a score of 87, while Namibia put up a no-strong fight and finished with a score of 10. The match showcased the skill and determination of both teams as they battled it out on the field. Spectators were treated to a thrilling display of athletic prowess and strategic gameplay, making it an exciting event for fans of both teams.

France has been engaged in a series of thrilling matches recently. Here are the highlights:

  • On 15.09.2023, France faced Uruguay and won.
  • On 09.09.2023, France faced New Zealand and won.
  • On 27.08.2023, France faced Australia and won.
  • On 20.08.2023, France faced Fiji and won.
  • On 13.08.2023, France faced Scotland and won.

Namibia has been engaged in a series of exciting matches recently. Let’s take a look:

  • On 16.09.2023, Namibia faced New Zealand and lost.
  • On 09.09.2023, Namibia faced New Italy and lost.
  • On 13.08.2023, Namibia faced New Chile and lost.
  • On 06.08.2023, Namibia faced New Uruguay and lost.
  • On 29.07.2023, Namibia faced New Argentina B and lost.

What is the Match Preview for France vs Namibia?

France played Namibia once in the 2007 Rugby World Cup group stage in France. France won 87-10 with Bernard Laporte as coach.

Under Christoph Galthié, France played 53 World Cup matches with a 68% success rate. They won 36, drew twice, and lost 15. They scored 1585 points and conceded 966. They reached the finals three times but didn’t win in 1987, 1999, and 2011.

Namibia’s team, led by Allister Coetzee, has never won a match in the tournament. They played 22 matches and lost all, with a 0% success rate. They scored 248 points and conceded 1323.

Who is Predicted to Win between France vs Namibia in Rugby World Cup 2023?

France and Namibia will play a match where France is expected to win easily. They will likely control the game and focus on advancing to the next round. It’s important for them to stay focused and earn 5 points to stay close to the All Blacks. The French team shouldn’t have any trouble defeating the 21st-ranked team. Predicted outcome: France 68-8 Namibia. Galthié’s team will emerge as the winners.

How to get Tickets for the France vs Namibia Rugby Match?

To get tickets for the France vs Namibia Rugby Match in the Rugby World Cup 2023, you should visit the official Rugby World Cup ticketing website at Rugby World Cup France 2023. They offer different categories of tickets at different prices, so you can choose the one that matches your preferences.

Remember to check the official website frequently for updates on ticket availability, pricing information, and any other details about the event. Don’t miss this amazing chance to experience the exhilarating rugby showdown between France vs Namibia at the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Please note that the availability of tickets for the France vs Namibia Rugby Match may vary, and the information provided here is accurate as of the date of writing (September 17, 2023). However, as the match date approaches, ticket availability may change, and it is advisable to check official sources for the most up-to-date information.

If you are unable to secure tickets or prefer to watch the match from the comfort of your home, there’s no need to worry. You can enjoy the France vs Namibia Rugby Match live and in full HD on ITV. ITV often provides free live streaming of major sporting events, including rugby matches. To ensure there are no geographic restrictions or lags in the live stream, you can consider getting a Surfshark subscription.

What makes Surfshark the Best VPN to Watch France vs Namibia RWC 2023 Live Outside UK on ITV?

Surfshark stands out as the ideal choice for watching the France vs Namibia Rugby World Cup 2023 live outside the UK on ITV. Surfshark offers high-speed, secure, and anonymous VPN service, making it a top pick for accessing geo-restricted content like the Rugby World Cup.

The key to Surfshark VPN excellence lies in its ability to bypass geographical restrictions. By connecting to its servers, users can virtually relocate to the UK, granting them access to ITV’s coverage of the Rugby World Cup. With Surfshark, you can enjoy uninterrupted live coverage of this thrilling sporting event from anywhere in the world.

In summary, Surfshark VPN combination of fast, secure servers and its capability to unblock geo-restricted content make it the top choice for rugby enthusiasts looking to watch the France vs Namibia matchup live on ITV during the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Surfshark VPN: The Fastest VPN to Watch France vs Namibia RWC 2023 Live Outside UK on ITV

Surfshark VPN is the top choice for watching France vs Namibia RWC 2023 Live outside the UK on ITV because it has the fastest servers in the VPN market. During our test, SurfsharkVPN achieved an impressive download speed of 92.26 Mbps on a 100Mbps connection.

It has a large network of 3000+ servers in 100 countries, including virtual servers. In addition to the remarkable download speed, Surfshark also delivered an upload speed of 89.45 Mbps on the same 100 Mbps connection. It’s worth noting that Surfshark VPN is priced a bit lower than other VPNs in the market, currently at US$2.49/mo.

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How To Get The Best Experience To Watch France vs Namibia RWC 2023 Live?

To get the best experience watching France vs Namibia in the RWC 2023 live using Surfshark VPN, follow these steps:

Choose a Reliable Streaming Source: Consider using reputable streaming platforms like ITV, which is broadcasting the Rugby World Cup 2023 matches. Surfshark VPN can help you access content from these platforms securely.

Subscribe to Surfshark: Sign up for a Surfshark subscription if you haven’t already. Ensure that you choose a server location that allows access to the streaming platform of your choice.

Install and Configure Surfshark: Download and install the Surfshark app on your preferred device. Configure the app by selecting a server location that corresponds to the region of the streaming service (e.g., the UK for ITV). Surfshark VPN’s official website provides detailed instructions for this.

Connect to the VPN: Launch the Surfshark app and connect to the chosen server location. This will change your IP address and make it appear as if you are browsing from the selected region.

Access the Streaming Service: Once connected to the VPN, visit the streaming platform’s website or app, and you should now have access to the live stream of the France vs Namibia RWC 2023 match.

Enjoy the Match: Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the match with a secure and buffer-free connection, courtesy of Surfshark.

What are some other Rugby Matches you can Watch on ITV?


Matches Date Time (UK)
England vs. Australia September 15:00
Wales vs. South Africa November 18th 17:30
Scotland vs. New Zealand November 25th 17:30
Ireland vs. Argentina December 2nd 14:00
France vs. Fiji December 9th 17:30



Has France won Rugby World Cup before?

Yes, France has won the Rugby World Cup before. France won their first and only Rugby World Cup in 2023. They achieved this historic victory in the 2023 Rugby World Cup

What TV channel is France vs Namibia rugby game on?

The France vs Namibia rugby game will be broadcast on ITV.

What is the best free rugby streaming app for France vs Namibia?

ITV is the best free rugby streaming app, You can watch the match for free, but if you are outside the UK then you need a Surfshark subscription.

Wrapping Up

To watch the France vs Namibia match in the RWC 2023 live outside the UK on ITV, you can use Surfshark to bypass geo-restrictions. The match is significant as neither team has advanced beyond the pool stage before, and the outcome will determine their path in the tournament.

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